FC Stadium

Project Description

Completed in May 2021, the FC Cincinnati’s West End Stadium is designed to prioritize the fan experience cultivated through a safe comfortable stadium atmosphere, while creating a focal point for the city.
To accommodate the teams growing fan base, FC Stadium will seat between 26,000 and 26,500 with all seats sheltered under a cantilevered roof. The stadium includes wrap-around seating with a dedicated safe-standing zone, a pitched upper mezzanine level and suite boxes allowing for continuous fan seating and unobstructed sightlines.

MBJ CINFAB sheet metal crews installed over 5 miles of fabricated HVAC system ductwork through-out the stadiums several block structure.

The aggressive schedule for completion of this project involved a wide range of trades and general contractors working cohesively in collaboration with each other to meet schedule goals all within the confines of a worldwide pandemic.

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